A collection of internet links created for my own pleasure. I also dare to hope that it might be of use (or at least provide some small amusement) to the ladies and gentlemen who share my interests.

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My Favorite Coffee Maker: What the heck is cold-brewed coffee? Who cares! I must have one.

Trilobite Cookies: something different for the holidays!

The Steampunk Workshop: Wonderful things made by the King of Steampunk

The Tesla Christmas Tree: Ho Ho Ho Bzzzzt!

Airship Mechanic T-shirt: a very nice CafePress design

Old Factory: a theme for Firefox (Mozilla) The little gears turn while pages are loading!

Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day: December 8. Read the rules here.

Doctor Steel: Aid in his plans for World Domination, and enjoy the music.

Nefarious Designs of Mad Science: Conquering the 1904 World's Fair (an animated short)

Abney Park: Band/Airship Pirate Crew. Very nice!

Steam Girl: a poem/song lyrics that I stumbled upon while Googling for something else.

The Flying Trilobite: Really nice science-y art, including winged trilobite fossils! Lovely!


Stanley London: Swoon-worthy brass instruments. Mmmmm!

Miss Manners: She's tremendously funny, and I can always use her advice. (sigh.)

Gothic Charm School: Good advice for aficianados of many subcultures, and also fun to read.

Voco Clocks: Be awakened by Jeeves every morning!

steamy_stitches: a steampunk buy-and-sell LJ community. Show us your wares!

Giant Squid Scarves: Crocheted squid scarves by Michelle McCoskey.


Sequential Glass: Steampunk Supplies for Sale. Building a lab? Look for parts here!

Emily Way: Hats and other Victorian Clothes

steamfashion on Livejournal: A community for discussing and showing off Steampunk Fashion.

Steampunk Airship Goggles on Instructables: A tutorial for doing it yourself!


Professor Wright's Horology Experiments: Steampunk wall clocks on Cafe Press. He's still designing them, and we intend to collect them all!

The Steampunk Home: Decorating with Steampunk!

Gentleman's Emporium: Repro clothing for men and women, plus calligraphy supplies

The Science Creative Quarterly: ORDER OF THE SCIENCE SCOUTS OF EXEMPLARY REPUTE AND ABOVE AVERAGE PHYSIQUE: Among other things, merit badges for scientists. This delights me, especially since the badges are hilarious.

Plans for the Nautilus! These are meant for model-building, but they're just nice to look at, as well.



Brass Goggles: You'll find the most amazing stuff here!

Makezine.com: See the amazing things people build, and get ideas by the bucketload

Da Vinci Automata: A Blog on the Clockpunk genre of Science Fiction

The Steampunk Home: Decorating with Steampunk!


Steampunk Magazine : "putting the punk back into steampunk"

MAKE: definitely a magazine for mad scientists


Da Vinci Days in Corvallis Oregon


RustyClank.com: Steampunk Lego® creations!

Metal and Magic: Gorgeous work from the artist of the critically-acclaimed webcomic Digger

Jessica Joslin: "Brass Menagerie" sculpture. Jewels, brass and animal bones. Lovely stuff.

Eric Poulton's Steampunk Star Wars

The Weta Ray guns

----Books (Fiction)----

----Books (History)----

----Books (Fashion and Costuming)----

Lavolta Press: "high-quality books on historic costuming and vintage clothing"

----Comics (Online)----

Girl Genius: Old-fashioned Gaslamp Fantasy with Adventure, Romance, and Mad Science. A free webcomic which updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday with all-new pages. Oh, also, I co-write it.

Narbonic: My favorite webcomic! A completed story now in reruns: with author's commentary. Well worth a visit! It's not actually gaslamp, but there's an ongoing fanfic that takes the characters into an alternate, very Victorian, world, and anyway it has delightful mad scientists. So on the list it goes.

Dresden Codak: gorgeous art, with lots of machinery, robots, and a super-smart main character. Also a tiny Carl Jung. Had my heart from the first strip I read.

FASHION (Dear me, there's a lot of this.)

----Fashion (Accessories)----

Official "Girl Genius" Goggles: Also useful for boy geniuses who want to protect their eyes or just look snappy. We usually carry several styles. (Yes, this is my site again. Full disclosure!)

Victoria's Jewelry Box: lovely shiny things to pin on your dress or hat!

----Fashion (Vintage-Type)----

Bobby Dene's Vintage Clothes

River Junction Trade Company: lots of stuff for re-enactors

Wild West Mercantile: more lovely things for re-enactors

Blanche's Place: Historic Fashions: Renaissance, Pirates, Victorian, Old West

Gentleman's Emporium: Repro clothing for men and women, plus calligraphy supplies

----Fashion (Victorian-Gothy-Type)----

Gallery Serpentine: home of the wonderful bustle skirt that I covet...

Arsenic Fashions: corsets and other lovely things

Dollflesh: fantastic corsets. Currently on hiatus but worth keeping an eye on.

Retroscope Fashions: Lovely stuff, including some good EGL.

FanPlusFriend: More EGL and goth clothing with historical inspiration. I love the bustle skirts.

----Fashion (Modern but with a Gaslamp Feel)----

Jessica McClintock: A designer who loves the romantic stuff. Occasional great finds.

Newport News: Inexplicably often has a lot of Victorian-ish items. Neato!

----Fashion (Shoes)----

My Vintage Sole: Custom made vintage reproduction shoes

westernweddingboots.com: Often has lovely lace-up boots of a suitably historical nature

Helena Angelique Camee Boots: I would love a pair of these... oh dear...

----Fashion (Sewing, Patterns and Do-it-yourself)----

Truly Victorian: Costume patterns from the 1840's to the 1890's

Palladia Passementerie: The only place I've found the trim I'm looking for. Now if I could get around to finding out how to order...


The Victorian Trading Company: Of course! I love everything I have ever bought from them.

Amazon Drygoods: A wonderful catalog from before the days of the internet! Worth ordering.


Excuses and Explanations:

Gears, fantastic airships, mechanized life and Frankenstein's monsters. Journeys to the bottom of the sea and the center of the Earth, incredible thinking machines and lots of mad scientists--all with a lovely pseudo-historical flair! Gaslamp fantasy is my term for what I like and what I write, and I'm very inclusive, as long as it has at least some of the ingredients mentioned above. So:

This is my list of links to all things Steampunk, Clockpunk, Techie-historical or otherwise strange and lovely enough to catch my eye. It is mostly a resource for my own use, I needed a place to put all the wonderful links people send me. I am currently cleaning out my bookmark files and inbox by posting the links here, but if you see something online that belongs on the list but isn't, please let me know! (Nota Bene: I have not shopped with many of the retailers listed here, and thus cannot tell you how reliable they may or may not be. Information is always welcome.)

Here's the explanation of Gaslamp Fantasy on Wikipedia, for those who want more information...

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